Wanted By The People

For Failure Of Duty to the Office and Crimes Against the People

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom


The California dream is more like a nightmare! Newsom will go down in history as the worst Governor in California’s history. During his reign of incompetence and mismanagement, citizens are fleeing the state as crime,  homelessnesstaxes and unemployment escalate while Newsom releases convicted felons, offers drug dispensaries and free needle programs adds fees to transportation, shuts off water bankrupting farmers and driving up food prices and destroying small businesses while open borders flood California with illegal aliens (many sick with COVID-19) who are dependent on aid meant for the California tax payer.  He is withholding funds for those not complying with mandates for masking, testing and vaccines.

Corruption, fraud and tyranny are the foundations of his operations…our government. We, the People have had enough! He has PERJURED HIS OATH and needs to be removed for his crimes against humanity.

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