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For Failure Of Duty to the Office and Crimes Against the People

Doug Chaffee

Doug Chaffee


Full Profile and Active Affidavit Coming Soon!

This site is a grassroots movement that will begin to grow into every city and state across the country.  The one thing this country has, is plenty of crooks and clowns that have infiltrated and rooted themselves into every level of our government, health and educational systems.  The Affidavit is the one thing we citizens truly have to stand up and make our “collective” voices heard.  Affidavits work because communists fold like lawn chairs when presented with legal documents.  Yes, the bigger the crook, the harder it will be to take them down, but take them down we will.

Join us and provide your email below and as we will alert you when Doug Chaffee’s affidavit is ready to be signed. 

Welcome to the fight!!

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Most Wanted
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